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My Thoughts On Celtics vs Heat Game 4

The Celtics responded to their Game 3 loss with a rout of the Heat in Game 4.

The Heat never had a lead and the Celtics had a lead as big as 32 points.

The Celtics ended up winning 102-82 but this win likely could have been much bigger if they stayed with their starters.

You would think this meant the Celtics played an amazing game – that wasn’t the case on offense.

They shot only 23.5% from three and 39.7% from the field. They won this game because the Heat played so badly. (due to the Celtic’s defense)

Tatum carried most of the load for the Celtics scoring 31 points. (as we had previously predicted he would)

The bottom line is that the Celtics are showing there is no reason for them to lose another game in this series. Even without Marcus Smart, the Celtics continue to show when they take care of the ball they win. The Celtics have more talent and simply are a better team.

The question is will they play up to their potential. Tatum needs to show he can produce multiple games in a row like this game.

It isn’t just how many points he scores it is also the shot selection he has throughout the game. When he attacks the rim the Celtics are a better team.

It is ring or bust this year we need more of the team we saw in Game 4 and less of the team we saw in Game 3.

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